Nigerian antivirus software: How to start business in 1 month

Nigerian antivirus software market is continuing to grow by 10%-15% every year. According to Zillya! Laboratory research, this trend will be steady for the next 3-5 years. How to catch the wave and take all the opportunities of growing market trend? Read in this article.
Carpe Diem
World’s antivirus software market is represented by more than 300 antivirus products, where almost 90% of market is controlled by famous vendors, such as Symantec, Avast and others. Despite of such dominancy of industry giants, local companies in different countries continue to create new projects aimed at satisfying markets demands.
To avoid technological and financial barriers for the market-entrance, local companies more often resort to OEM-partnership or ‘white label’ programs.
Antivirus in one month
‘White Labeling’ means creation of the new product on the basis of already existing solution. On practice, it means that everyone can enter antivirus software market under his own brand by taking antivirus products of those Vendors which are offering OEM-partnership.
The leading company among OEM-providers is Ukrainian developer Zillya! Antivirus. Max Sydorenko, Marketing Director of the company, says:
“White labeling means changing product design, name, and may be some functionality of the already existing product and selling it under another brand. Basically, you can take some already existing, fine-tuned product, attach your name to it and sell at the pricing policy that you want. Vendor provides full technical support of partner. This helps companies to stay concentrated on sales and marketing, without being involved in solving technological issues. White Label-seller will only concentrate on sells and maximization of own revenues”.
The popularity of white label programs from Zillya! Antivirus is easy to explain. Companies or private entrepreneurs, which decide to start their own antivirus software business, will have great opportunity to:
1. Save time and money: There is no need to spend resources on product research or development; it is quick and easy way to get turnkey solution under your own brand without investing in technical part of the business.
Networks Firewalls
Cisco,Sonicwall,Barracuda etc from N50,000.
2. Stay flexible with sales and marketing: Despite being sales representative of existing antivirus company, OEM-partner receives freedom in setting up its own, independent marketing and pricing policies.
3. Receive high quality customer support: Regular updates of program modules and virus databases, diversity of partnership forms, professional trainings for technical team. This is not a full list of services provided to OEM-partner from vendor. Best customer support from the first day of business is very important.
How to start?
OEM business partnering model can be characterized as “ease to start”. Private entrepreneurs, internet providers, software distributors, companies, which already have their own customer base, can get the antivirus under their brand name only in 3 weeks from the date of application.
To know more about the opportunity, visit the official website to get the
practical guide , where you will find answers to the most popular questions about OEM partner program.


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