Atiku insists restructuring is solution to Nigeria’s problem

– Atiku Abubakar has insisted that the
solution to Nigeria’s problem is

– The former vice president also said he is
a firm believer in the unity of Nigeria

– He urged other regions to adopt
restructuring as a solution

Atiku Abubabar has insisted that
restructuring Nigeria is the only solution to
the problem confronting the nation.

The former vice president has said at the
launching of a book titled “We are all
Biafran” a month ago that Nigeria risked
being a failed state due to its structure
although this was countered by the current
vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo who
suggested two weeks ago that diversification
of the economy would end the country’s

Osinbajo had said that even if the country us
restructured, the same problems would still
linger if economic solution is not put in

The Punch reports that the former vice
president however insists that he believed in
restructuring as that was the key to solving
Nigeria’s problems.

Atiku said this in a paper he presented at
the Late Gen.Usman Katsina Memorial
Conference at the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
Memorial Hall, Murtala Square, Kaduna, on
Saturday, July 30.

“As a country we have struggled to live up to
this ideal. We have obviously not done enough
to realise national integration, and the survival
of our democracy is still a work in progress.

“The cost to us has been enormous. We even
fought a civil war to forcibly keep the country

“Since the various amalgamations that created
the entity that we now call Nigeria, different
segments of Nigeria’s population have, at
different times and sometimes at the same
time, expressed feelings of marginalisation, of
being short-changed, dominated, oppressed,
threatened, or even targeted for elimination.”

He said different groups were aggrieved by
what they perceived as a form of neglect
from the government and this has affected
the country’s unity.

He said he was a believer in the existence
of one Nigeria and urged the different
components to look at restructuring as a

He noted that many Nigerians from outside
the North hold the view that the main
beneficiary of the status quo has been the
north which was not true.

“The north and Nigeria have not been served
well by the status quo and there is need for

“Who among us who went to primary and
secondary school in the 1960s had much to
do with the federal government? Did the
northern regional government wait to collect
monthly revenue allocations from Lagos before
paying salaries to its civil servants and
teachers or fixing its bridges and roads?”

He urged Nigerians irrespective of their tribe
or religion to consider restructuring the
country as a solution to be embraced.


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