​Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

There are so many web hosting providers in Nigeria, today we bring you the top ten web hosting companies in Nigeria. The rate is based on market share (number of domains hosted). WhoGoHost tops the chart with over 27% market share, while Qservers comes second with about 19.8% share and Skyskay with about 17% share. The top three providers has about 65% of the market share, leaving the remaining 35% for the other companies. Most of the providers offer very affordable plans starting from as low as 2500 Naira per year.
Here are the Top 10 web hosting providers in Nigeria

1) WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration Company in Nigeria which was founded in the year 2007. Over the years, WhoGoHost has grown to be one of the top web hosting company in Nigeria and is also an accredited Google Apps Reseller, .NG Registrar and Cloudflare Certified Partner known for her splendid customer service, unbeatable service offerings and fantastic prices. WhoGoHost is also partnered with Google in its GNBO (Get Nigerian Businesses Online) project.

Hosting starts from ₦2,500 annually, with Free domain, 1 gb storage and 4 gb Bandwidth.

2) Qservers

Qservers.net started in December 2004, to set a new standard for shared, VPS and managed dedicated server hosting. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior managed hosting environment for our clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. A managed hosting environment that not only supported our clients at all levels, but also provided true value for money. Qservers is owned by Netbuilder Limited.

Hosting starts from ₦2,500 annually, with Free domain, 1 gb storage and 4 gb Bandwidth.

3) Syskay Systems

Syskay Systems was established in year 2006 with a vision to further expand the scope of web services in Nigeria. They started with commitment to provide effective web hosting services to individuals as well as small and mid-sized companies. Syskay Systems specializes in providing competitively priced, high performance Personal and business web site hosting, e-commerce hosting & internet portals. They provide Linux servers and custom web-hosting software and services to individuals & businesses. Backed by superior redundancy, a high-quality, high-availability network infrastructure, and dedicated customer service and technical support.

Hosting starts from ₦6,000 annually, with Free Domain, 5 gb storage and 20gb Bandwidth.

4) WebLagos

WebLagos owned by Easy Internet Services trading was founded in 2002. The Company has realized exponential growth by offering a basic web hosting subsidized by quality and affordable web design solution. Weblagos.com grew to become one of Nigeria’s independent web hosting providers . Today, Weblagos.com has established an industry-wide reputation as the market-leading provider of web services for large, small businesses and individuals. Weblagos is serviced by an American company.

Hosting starts from ₦4,500 annually, with 1 gb storage and 5gb Bandwidth.

5) McReal

McReal , incorporated in Nigeria in 2001 as McReal Online Networks Systems Limited, is a leading provider of advanced web designs and shared/dedicated hosting solutions. They have the experienced team, high-end equipment, and cutting-edge

technology it takes to provide successful and stress-free Internet presence implementations.

Hosting starts from ₦6,000 annually, with Free Domain, 5 gb storage and 10gb Bandwidth.

6) Registeram

Registeram is owned by Registeram.com Limited, they believe in not cutting corners and claim to have invested heavily in the best and use the best Technology Available, to give you an outstanding and unbeatable service.

Hosting starts from ₦2,500 annually, with 0.5 gb storage and 2gb Bandwidth.

7) VbHostNet

VbHostNet (ViewBound HOSTing NETwork) is an industry leader in affordable web hosting solutions in Nigeria. Owned by Viewbound Systems Technology, VbHostNet is one of the fastest growing Hosting companies. Since 2010, VbHostNet has provided affordable Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Reseller and Master reseller Hosting solutions to meet the demands of the ever expanding global internet community. Viewbound Systems Technology is based in the City of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

Hosting starts from ₦3,000 annually, with Free Domain, 5 gb storage and 10gb Bandwidth.

8) SmartWebNG

SmartWebNG owned by Smart Web Nig Ltd was founded back in 2004, have been a leading provider of web hosting service in Nigeria. Based in Plateau State, Nigeria, they provide Excellent service to clients in the country and beyond. Smartweb serves customers ranging from individual freelancers in the country.

Hosting starts from ₦2,500 annually, with Free domain, 5 gb storage and 20 gb bandwith.

9) BytesHosting

Bytes Hosting , a division of Bytes & Data Sytems, is a thriving unit dedicated to changing the face of the Web Hosting and Domain name registration industry in Nigeria.

Having well over 6 years of experience in this turf, they surely are not ‘learning the ropes’ of this business.

Hosting starts from ₦2,100 annually, with Free domain, 0.5 gb storage.

10) HiHostNow

HiHostNow owned by Lufem Systems Limited, registered in Dec. 1996, has been involved in provision of technical support and digitization for over 12 years, backed by a team of professionals with years of experience. Their servers located in one the world’s best facilities, offer exceptional performance and proven reliability. They claim to keep clients data safe through 4 levels of precautions: Data Center Level, Network Level, Server Level and Data Level.

Hosting starts from ₦200 annually, with 5 mb storage, 0.5 gb Bandwith


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